Classical Armenian (Grabar) Syllabus

This is an intensive Classical Armenian (Grabar) course that aims at giving students experience in reading and interpreting a wide range of Classical Armenian texts. After an initial introduction to the grammar and syntax of Grabar, students will read a variety of texts including biblical texts; liturgical texts (Pataragamatuyts, Zhamagirk, Sharaknots); hagiographic texts; historical literature of the 5th-9th centuries; historical literature of the 10th-14th centuries; religious and secular verse.

Classical Armenian (Grabar) Online School
from Jun 01, 2021 to Jul 30, 2021
9 weeks

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Part 1 - 3 Weeks, 6 Lessons, 18 Hours

During these weeks, we are going to study the different grammatical parts of Classical Armenian including the peculiar stylistic, lexical, and idiomatic aspects that characterize the Old Armenian historical and scriptural heritage. Students will master the necessary skills of pronunciation and the new words' formation or morphemes. They will read and discuss various types of materials of scriptural, historical, liturgical texts, and poetry.