Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions before you book an ASPIRANTUM language course.

Contact ASPIRANTUM school representatives, if anything is not clear and requires explanation. 

Enrollment in ASPIRANTUM language courses

The enrolment is done by submitting the online enrolment form via aspirantum.com or sending an email to ASPIRANTUM representatives. The enrollment is verified by a written confirmation, sent by email.

After the confirmation, the student is registered in the ASPIRANTUM course and bound to cover the sent invoice before the mentioned deadlien. If the student needs a visa, it is recommended that he/she apply at least 6 weeks before the course starts, so the ASPIRANTUM school can provide with necessary documents proving participation in the course. 

NOTE! ASPIRANTUM school saves the right to cancel an enrolment, refuse to enroll, or refuse to re-enroll a candidate for the following reasons:

- The candidate has less than the efficient level of one of the required languages. Since ASPIRANTUM does not organize elementary / beginner level language courses, a certain knowledge of the language is required for all applicants;
- The participant has gained admission by misrepresentation, falsification of documents or other fraudulent means;
- Failure to fulfill the normal admission or enrolment requirements;
- Non-payment of the course fee;
- Cancellation of a participant’s visa;
- Other reasons as deemed by the school’s management.

Accommodation during ASPIRANTUM language courses

ASPIRANTUM school does not provide participants with accommodation. All participants are advised to book their accommodation before coming for the courses. Please read this detailed guide about how to find an accomcodation in Yerevan and contact us anytime you have questions.

Armenian visa 

ASPIRANTUM school doesn’t provide participants with a visa to enter Armenia and does not cover the visa fee. The representatives of the school can provide participants with a letter proving their participation once the participant enrolls for the course, confirms the participation and covers the course fee. 

ASPIRANTUM school is not responsible for decisions taken by embassies or immigration police regarding entry visas or visa extensions. Participants of ASPIRANTUM language courses, who need a visa to travel to Armenia should contact their local Embassy or Consulate to ensure they are allowed to enter Armenia, and if necessary obtain their visas. 

To ensure your visa requirements, please read the detailed guide about Armenian visa, or contact Armenian Embassy in your country. 


All participants are advised to take out private medical insurance. ASPIRANTUM school does not provide participants with any health insurance. 


The full amount of the participation fee must be made before the payment deadline specified in each language course announcement. The payment must be made by a bank transfer or via online methods after ASPIRANTUM school representatives send an invoice that includes all banking information. The participant has 5 days to cover the payment, otherwise, the enrollment will be canceled. The payment must be confirmed by sending to ASPIRANTUM representatives a document proving the transfer. 

ASPIRANTUM allows participants to pay the fee online by credit card, with a unique link provided by ASPIRANTUM.  

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If the ASPIRANTUM language course happens to be canceled due to reasons caused by the school, participants are refunded with the whole amount of the fee without any extra charges. 

The participant of the ASPIRANTUM language course is allowed to cancel the participation without any reason before the course starts. 

The cancelation of the participation must be done via email or phone.  

The refund of the tuition fee will be reduced based on the number of days that passed after the payment was done, as specified:

Refund before the classes start:

- if the cancelation and refund request is received within 5 days after the payment was done: full refund, minus banking and administration fees;
- if the cancelation and refund request is received within 5-10 days after the payment was done: 75% refund minus, banking and administration fees;
- if the cancelation and refund request is received within 10-15 days after the payment was done: 50% refund, minus banking and administration fees;
- After 15 days: no refund will be possible;

Refund after the classes start:

In urgent situations enrolled students may cancel their participation after they have arrived in Armenia and after the classes have started. In this case, 50% of the received payment will be refunded only if requested during the first 3 days after the start of the program.

Cancellation due to Visa Refusal

If a participant is forced to cancel the course due to visa denial after a timely visa application, the payment will be returned. The participant needs to present a document demonstrating the visa rejection at least 2 weeks before the start of the course. ASPIRANTUM school will charge the participant for banking and administration fees that apply at that moment. 

NOTE! The refund will be sent to the original fee payer via a bank transfer or online. 

Further Conditions

Courses have a maximum size of 16 students. Our average class number is 11.

ASPIRANTUM school does not accept responsibility for costs incurred due to flight delays or cancellations.

ASPIRANTUM school does not take responsibility for loss or theft of belongings.

Refunds, partial refunds or compensation of any other kind will not be given for Public Holidays of Armenia, for days missed during the course, for late arrival or early departure, or days missed due to adverse weather conditions.

If a participant wishes to return to their home country or take holidays elsewhere during the term of their ASPIRANTUM language course they are free to do so, but no refund is given. 

If a participant is unable to attend lessons due to illness, these sick days will not be added to the end of the course period, the refunds will not be given for these days.

ASPIRANTUM or its representatives may take photos and videos of classes or trips, which may be used for promotional purposes. 

ASPIRANTUM is operating under ARMACAD LLC.