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Experience the best teaching practices with our teachers.

Lilit Khlopuzyan profile image

Lilit Khlopuzyan

Instructor of Armenian Language

Lilit teaches Armenian with individual needs of each student in mind.

Ruben Nikoghosyan profile image

Ruben Nikoghosyan

Instructor of Persian Language

Mr. Nikoghosyan has read the Shahname not only in Persian but also has carefully studied the Armenian, Russian, English and German translations of this masterpiece. He knows the history of every single word in Shahname and is going to share his knowledge with students in an impressive manner.

Ani Shahnazaryan profile image

Ani Shahnazaryan

Instructor of Armenian Language

Ani Shahnazaryan teaches Armenian using her academic background in old, medieval and modern Armenian language and literature.

Nshan Kesecker profile image

Nshan Kesecker

Instructor of Old Persian

Nshan Kesecker is an expert when it comes to studying Ancient Near Eastern royal inscriptions. He is an expert in Mesopotamian and Iranian royal ideology and texts. When taking a course with him be prepared to analyze an inscription from all possible angles, linguistically and contextually.

Alyona Shestakova-Stukun profile image

Alyona Shestakova-Stukun

Instructor of Russian Language

Alyona Shestakova teaches Russian and Old Slavonic in Yerevan and online in a way you love the language forever.

Maryam Torabi profile image

Maryam Torabi

Instructor of Persian Language

Maryam Torabi, an expert in Medieval Armenian & Persian literature, holds a master's in General Linguistics. Currently pursuing a Yerevan State University doctoral dissertation on Sayat-Nova's language, she advances research & promotes cultural understanding through publications & teaching.

Ani Margaryan profile image

Ani Margaryan

Assistant Instructor of Persian Language

Join Ani in discovering the allure of Persian. With her supportive approach, she encourages questions and thoroughly explores every detail to ensure a rich learning experience for all.

Veronika Mkrtchian profile image

Veronika Mkrtchian

Instructor of Russian Language

Veronika will guide you through the captivating world of Soviet and Russian cinema, fostering an appreciation for the cultural richness of both the Soviet Union and Russia.

Mahboubeh Jelodar profile image

Mahboubeh Jelodar

Instructor of Persian Language

Mahboubeh Jelodar's teaching of Persian intertwines arts and crafts, infusing the language with vivid colors, beauty, and flavor.

Vardan Voskanian profile image

Vardan Voskanian

Instructor of Persian Language

Vardan Voskanian has 22 years’ experience of teaching Persian to foreign students in an unforgettable way.

Ani Beyt-Movsess profile image

Ani Beyt-Movsess

Instructor of Persian Language

Ani Beyt-Movsess is teaching Persian with passion, enthusiasm and love.

Levon Abrahamian profile image

Levon Abrahamian

Professor of Anthropology

Levon Abrahamian teaches Armenian Identity course in a way to amaze and surprise the participants with the depth of the topic.